Dave has owned Burns Barber Shop for 10 years and has continued to do great things within the shop. Dave started barbering when he was 16 years old; he attended Roberts Barber School on Chippewa. He cut hair all around Western NY until he moved to Vegas where he became a police officer. That did not stop him from barbering, while protecting the mean streets of Vegas he also cut hair at the Electric Chair. At Mount Source cosmetology he taught cosmetologist to use clippers and cut men’s hair. Dave eventually moved back to Western NY and picked up right where he left off at Burns Barber Shop and even held a police officer position with the Sheriffs Department. “Barbering is an art,” he says, “I like to make people feel good.” With over 50 years in the barbering business, Dave lends his skills and technique to help any barber in our team when needed.